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What is Honey Processed Coffee???

Coffee can be a complicated thing.  The process that green beans must go through way before they arrive at our facility in Oregon can be long and time consuming.  From harvesting to processing, hulling to shipping, much care goes into that process so that our roasters are forwarded the best chance at developing something special.

Meister from Daily Coffee News recently shared some insight on what is seen as a newer technique, Honey Processed Coffee.  What makes a honey? "Simply put, a “honey” is a coffee that has been depulped but left to dry in its mucilage, the sticky fruit coating that lives just underneath the coffee cherry’s skin, or pulp. Often, the honey itself will be classified by color, such as white honey, or yellow, red, or black." Like bascing in its own yummy juices, a honey is allowed to soak up its own good flavors making them more prominent in the finished roast profile.

honey processed coffee

Read the rest of Meisters article here.

So what do you think?  Should Takelma add a single origin honey processed coffee to its offerings?  If so, which one?