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This word means ‘my friend’ and is used as a greeting in the Takelma language. Takelma is the traditional language of our people, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians. We are also known as the Nahankuotana in our native tongue. We are a federally recognized Native American tribe located in southwestern Oregon between the Cascade and Coast ranges in the Umpqua and Rogue River valleys. Takelma is only spoken in our beautiful homeland. Nowhere else in the world is the melodic cadence of our language heard.

Takelma Roasting is an extension of our cultural connection to people and place.   Using only specialty grade coffee that is sustainably sourced, we aim to craft a quality product while considering the effects our actions are having on our world.  Much pride and care goes into our coffee and we are honored to share it with you. In keeping with tradition, please enjoy with family and friends over good conversation. Celebrate your connection to people and place! Tapʱoytʱa (to prosper, to be blessed).


Over the last two centuries, our people have experienced a great number of changes. As a result, the number of Takelma speakers dwindled and our language went dormant. Fortunately, through the persistence of our elders and the support of our leaders, our language is no longer sleeping. The revitalization of the Takelma language is the revitalization of our people.

Takelma truly is at the heart of our rich and vibrant culture, one of reverence towards the land, its resources, and our elders. It is through our oral traditions and Takelma language that our heritage and life’s important lessons are passed down from one generation to the next. Our customs also imbue in us a deep sense of generosity and hospitality towards our family, friends, neighbors, and guests.

Every roasting profile we release has a Takelma word associated with it. This is a way to honor our history and culture, as well as spark a new conversation with every cup of coffee.