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What is Honey Processed Coffee???

Coffee can be a complicated thing.  The process that green beans must go through way before they arrive at our facility in Oregon can be long and time consuming.  From harvesting to processing, hulling to shipping, much care goes into that process so that our roasters are forwarded the best chance at developing something special. Meister from Daily Coffee News recently shared some insight on what is seen as a newer technique, Honey Processed Coffee.  What makes a honey? "Simply put, a “honey” is a coffee that has been depulped but left to dry in its mucilage, the sticky fruit coating that lives just underneath the coffee cherry’s skin, or pulp. Often, the honey itself will be classified by color, such as white...

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New Study Predicts Severe Declines for Coffee as Bees Die Off

A new study shows an unfortunate correlation between coffee and the declining bee population.  Results found in the study by the National Academy of Sciences that can be found here, show that with the decline of bee populations, producers may see a decrease in production yields and quality. “Coffee is one of the most valuable commodities on earth, and needs a suitable climate and pollinating bees to produce well,... This is the first study to show how both will likely change under global warming — in ways that will hit coffee producers hard.” Read more on this story here.

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Behmor and IWCA Team Up to Deliver Roasting and Brewing Equipment to Women Farmers

As a proud user of a Behmor 1600 Plus, all of us here at Takelma Roasting were excited to hear about Behmor's contribution to the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA).  A recent pledge made by the company will bring 21 Behmor roasting products to women owned businesses in coffee growing regions.  This is in an effort to support development and quality control in the regions. In an interview, Behmor CEO and Founder Joe Behm described the initiative as born from a personal obligation to people working on the other end of the supply chain while coffee roasters and the consumer market in the United States have continued to thrive. Story originally brought to us by Daily Coffee News

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What's in your decaf?

Let's face it, we all love coffee.  But often times we pass on enjoying the rich full flavor of our favorite beanery because of the effects caffeine has on our body.  Whether its doctors orders or we simply would like to be able to sleep later that evening, we all seek a decaffeinated coffee to enjoy. In an effort to enjoy a cup without these effects, consumers often sacrifice quality and flavor in their decaf coffees.  But do we really need to?  And when we do, what really are we putting in our bodies? Here's a great article on the handful of decaffeination processes, including both solvent based (many of which are synthetic chemicals) and Swiss Water Process (our preferred...

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